February 23, 2011
Day 23, I think?

Blimey, it must be!


My voice is still somewhat cracky and indeterminate, a lot lower than it used to be when it wants to be. I’m trying to learn to use the lower ranges rather than the higher ones, so that as it breaks sensibly. I passed on the phone today.

I recorded myself singing a few songs (not for public consumption) and I have three very different ranges… high range, which is huskier than it was but mostly covers the same notes, middle range, which is very cracky and impossible to sing in, and low range which is easyish to sing in most of the time but impossible to get on tune, possibly because my voice has moved


I shaved my hairline of all the floofy bits, which was a serious passing win. One one sideburn the stubbley bits (not stubble but where I shaved my face at the same time) are rougher than the other. They’re all rougher than they were pre-T. My upper arms, most of my lower arms, and my thighs and belly are beginning to speckle darker, especially my arms. My lower arms in the darkest bits are looking quite blokeish. My legs have sprouted a wirey forest.

Sex stuff - TMI

My cock is now pretty wide round, and longer than the labia majora, though not than the skin bits yet. It looks like a cock with a foreskin and a head, but a very small one. My orgasms are a lot stronger, messier and squirtier. My boxers smell like my boyfriend’s at the end of the day, so I’ve changed scent. I’ve changed flavour as well.

Muscles and Bones

Quite a few people have commented on face shape changes, which are gratifying, though I don’t see them myself. I’m epic shoulder muscles and biceps, and my back’s getting nice and muscular, which is really awesome. My chest is a lot saggier, and combined with pec development is both easier to hide and looks more… male. Somehow.

I think that’s it. I take questions though.

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