February 26, 2011
Day 24

Not too far off one month now! Gosh that’s exciting. Time’s really flown.

I’ve noticed a lot of breast atrophy in the past few days. They’ve run away towards my belly button. Well, not quite, but they’re drifting that way. For a good two inches below my armpits my chest looks totally flat. It’s awesome.

My body hair has also continued. I’ve managed to get photos of leg, arm, and eyebrow hair. Just to clarify, pre-T I had less body hair than most cis women.

See the little hairs round the edge of my eyebrow on the outside? Those. They’re new.

This one’s my arm, just before my elbow. It doesn’t look like much but the hair there was very faint indeed before this, and it’s a lot darker now - it’s actually visible.

Finally my leg. I know it looks thin and sparse again but it’s a real change:

Okay, that’s the safe for work ones done! I’ll do the NSFW ones in a different post

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