March 2, 2011
One month on T

I’ve already made a voice post and an image post, and figure the images of my chest and cock that I took on Sunday will do for one month, roughly. Time for a text post.


The hair on my toes is slightly darker but barely…


The hair on my shins is a lot darker and thicker. It’s beginning to work its way round the back of my calves, with some hair there getting longer, darker and thicker, but only towards the bottom.


The hair is beginning to darken, especially towards the top and on the front and outside.


My pubic hair has changed texture slightly, and is a lot darker. My scent is a lot more powerful, smells a lot more male, and my cock’s grown, as you know. My orgasms are more powerful, and more cock-centric


I don’t think fat redistribution has begun yet. My belly hairs are just starting to darken below my belly button. HELLO SNAIL TRAIL


My breasts and nipples have gotten smaller and saggier. No chest hair yet, sadly!

Shoulders and arms

My shoulders and upper arms have gotten a lot more broad, powerful and muscular. It’s awesome.

My arm hair is slowly darkening and to some extent thickening, especially on my forearms.


Apparently my face has changed slightly, I’m certainly visually passing far better.

When I shave the hair grows back faster and ever so slightly thicker than it used to.


My voice has changed and lowered. Listen to the posts tagged voice, seriously.


I’m horny a lot more often, it’s a bit frustrating. I get more annoyed and less upset by things going wrong. My dysphoria has been lessened a lot even with the changes so far.

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